The partial eruption of a wisdom tooth often leads to pain and swelling and increases the possibility of bacterial infection. When a wisdom tooth remains trapped beneath the gums, it may damage the surrounding structures. Wisdom tooth disimpaction is a common procedure performed to correct a problem or to prevent future problems.

An erupting wisdom tooth often causes pain, swelling and fever in a large percentage of patients. Wisdom tooth pain is generally the cue for many people to visit a dentist and have their wisdom tooth pulled out. The recovery period after wisdom tooth removal is three-four days. Painkillers can aid in reducing the painful symptoms.

Whether your symptoms are obvious or obscure, it is important to consult a dental specialist and have your wisdom tooth diagnosed for existing or potential problems. Call XL Smiles Dental Clinic today if you haven’t had your wisdom tooth extracted so far.

Reasons to undergo a wisdom tooth dismpaction

    • If your jaw is too small to accommodate an erupting wisdom tooth
    • When your wisdom tooth is unable to break through the gums
    • When a flap of gums is formed over a partiallt erupted wisdom tooth hich causes entrapment of food and germs, whcih may cause infection
    • When the wisdom tooth is associated with bone destroying cysts
    • When it is applying pressure on adjacent tooth causing decay in them
    • If your wisdom tooth is coming at an awkward angle