If you are losing your natural teeth, dentures are a perfect solution to replace them. Dentures not only improve your oral health but also make a dramatic difference to your appearance. Dentures prevent your facial muscles from sagging and improve your quality of life. At XL Smiles Dental Clinic, we create very comfortable and real looking dentures that are custom-made to perfectly fit the natural contours of your mouth.

Types of Dentures
Dentures can be classified into two basic categories – Complete and Partial Dentures

Complete Dentures
Complete dentures are further classified into two categories depending on the dental needs of the patient:

  • Conventional Dentures
    Conventional dentures are removable and cover the entire jaw. It is a complete set of full upper and lower dentures made to replace the entire arch of missing teeth and make an ideal solution for those who have all of their teeth missing in either arch.
  • Immediate Dentures
    Immediate dentures are fabricated well in advance to replace natural teeth. These are either full or partial dentures that can be positioned as soon as the natural teeth are extracted. Also known as same day dentures, these can be safely worn while the healing process takes place.

Partial Dentures
Partial dentures are typically used when one or more of your natural teeth are missing and need to be replaced. They are a designed to support the adjacent teeth and neatly fill in the gaps created due to shifting or missing teeth. There are three different types of removable partial dentures each with different benefits:

  • Flexible Dentures
    Flexible partial dentures come with a comfortable fit, are virtually unbreakable and stain resistant. These dentures are made from special materials and provide a snug fit for a more natural chewing experience.
  • Cast Dentures
    Cast partial dentures are made from lightweight materials and provide a great fit and ease of adjustability. These dentures are made from a metallic framework and high-quality, tissue coloured acrylic for additional tractability.
  • Acrylic Dentures
    Acrylic dentures are a quick and affordable alternative to cast and flexible dentures. They can also be used as temporary dentures before implants are placed. Acrylic dentures can be easily relined to replace more natural teeth, are aesthetic and easily repairable.
  • Implant Supported Dentures
    These are a fixed option for replacement of missing teeth. The entire denture is supported by 4-6 implants in each arch depending on the quality of available bone. The denture is then fitted by screws over the implants to give you a fixed prosthesis that is very easy to adapt to and extremely comfortable with no diet restrictions. It is as good as having a dental bridge.

If you are losing your natural teeth and it is affecting your quality of life, schedule a consultation today and we will ensure that you eat, speak, and smile just like before.

Reasons to opt for dentures

    • Loss of all your teeth
    • loss of one or more teeth
    • Sagging facial tissues
    • Impaired speech
    • Trouble in eating hard food