Chipped, stained, and oddly shaped teeth can mar even the most beautiful faces. Dental laminates are thin shells made of composite resin or porcelain to cover misaligned and worn down teeth. They are custom fabricated to fill abnormal spaces and provide an attractive look. Laminates are a popular choice for those who seek a captivating smile and make a perfect solution to mask minor imperfections in teeth.

Since no two patients walk in with the same size and shape of teeth, we use different types of laminates for every patient. At XL Smiles Dental Clinic, every laminate is carefully and individually characterized to achieve your desired results.

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Laminates can be used to mask

    • Unsightly gaps
    • Ugly stains
    • Crooked and chipped teeth
    • Fractured tooth
    • Darkening of teeth due to tobacco consumption